The French ASSOCIATION DE CUISINIER ET REPAS ET VOYAGE EN FRANCE (ACRVF) is an authoritative platform for the development of international hospitality and talent services. This international cross-departmental trade organization is composed of French corporate business units, trade organizations at all levels, social groups, hospitality managers and administrators, experts, scholars, chefs, and service personnel who are engaged in international and domestic hospitality management, culinary arts, restaurant service, food culture and education, culinary theory, and nutrition research. The association carries out tasks in the field of trade organization and self-discipline, resource integration, defense of the rights of the hospitality industry, commercial coordination, international exchanges, and talent training with the support of government departments, a large membership, and national and international market and industry associations. It provides services for the French government, society, members, and enterprises and plays an active role in furthering the progress and development of the industry.

Articles of Association

Article 1 Association name
Association de cuisinier et repas et voyage en France (hereinfter referred to as “ACRVF”)

Article 2 Scope of services provided by the association
ACRVF is a non-profit social organization established for the purpose of promoting bidirectional interactions and exchanges to enhance member benefits and provide member services. The association is committed to the promotion of education and certification in the field of French and Chinese cuisine. The association offers world-class international certification courses in the field of French and Chinese cuisine and provides members with follow-up guidance in the fields of learning, employment, and entrepreneurship.

The mission of the association may be summarized as follows:
I. Estalishment of an education and certification system for chefs and instructors of French, Chinese, and Taiwanese cuisine.
II. Organization of chef conferences on a regular basis to enhance professionalism and literacy in this field.
III. Organization of culinary-related exchange activities and competitions on a regular basis to provide the general pulic with accurate knowledge about French and Chinese cuisine.
IV. Coordination with other international culinary and chef organizations to gain the ability to provide the latest information
V. Provision training services for culinary talent and chefs.
Article 3 Association address
The association is situated at the following address:
14 bis Av. Pierre Assailly 93150 Le Blanc Mesnil

Article 4 Term of existence
The term of existence of the association shall be unlimited

Article 5 Association members
The association is comprised of the founder, honorary members, donors, and registered members

Article 6 Board of directors
The board of directors shall be comprised and managed by five directors. Directors shall be elected by the General Assembly for a term of 3 years and may serve consecutive terms. The board of directors shall be reshuffled every three years. For the first reshuffle resigning members shall be determined by lucky draw. During vacation periods, the board shall appoint interim acting directors who shall serve until the next General Assembly.。

Article 7 Regular assembly
The Regular Assembly shall be comprised of all association members.
The Regular Assembly shall be convened once a year by the chairman.
The Regular Assembly shall have the right to approve or reject proposals submitted by the board of directors and conduct reviews of annual financial accounts.
The Regular Assembly shall make decisions on all issues on the agenda in the prescribed sequence. Decisions shall be based on the will of the majority of the members in attendance.

Article 8 Dissolution of the association
Proposals to dissolve the association shall be submitted during special meetings by one or more liquidators. In accordance with the regulations set forth in Article 9 of the law promulgated on July 1, 1901, remaining assets shall be transferred to association with similar goals.

Formulated in Paris on July 15, 2014