Competition: 2015 Hong Kong International Culinary Classic
Date:  May 6-9, 2015
Location: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Registration e-mail address:


Competition categories:
A. Western Cuisine Competition
1. Appetizers
2. Main Course
3. Finger food
Live Hot Cooking
4. Professional category: Sustainable fish species-Giant grouper
5. Professional category: Short Rib
6. Professional category: Vacuum, low heat cooking- Organic chicken breast
7. Apprentice category (under 25): Sustainable fish species - Barramundi
8. Apprentice category (under 25): Lamb fillet
9. Apprentice category (under 25): ”Two to Tango”
B. Chinese Cuisine Competition
1. Individual fruit and vegetable carving
Practical live preparation
2. Individual fruit and vegetable carving
Live Hot Cooking
3. Modern Chinese-style hot dishes-Creative entrees
4. Modern Chinese-style hot dishes-Pork fillet
C. Pastry
1. Professional category –Pastry Showpiece
1a. Sugar  1b. Chocolate  1c. Bread  1d.Marzipan  1e.Pastillage
2. Professional category –Wedding cake
3. Apprentice category (under 25) Dessert Showpiece
Practical live preparation
4. Professional category –Creative desserts
5. Young pastry chef category (under 25) Chocolate Coffee Cake
5a.Salaried employees 5b.Students
D. Butchery Skills Challenge
E. Live Chocolate Showpiece Competition
F. Live High Tea Set Competition
G. The Gourmet Team Challenge
H. The Dream Team Challenge